Robotics Fabrication

A Native American-Owned 8(a) Small Business

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robotic mulcher opsSafety and Cost-Effectiveness Are RFI’s Focus

RFI provides robotic as well as conventional systems designed to mitigate both the personnel safety risks and the time-consuming activities inherent in Active Range Clearance, Range Remediation, Range Maintenance, New Range Construction Support, Environmental Remediation and Restoration, and transfers of FUDS and BRAC installations to public use. Robotic and remote-control systems allow both the equipment operator and EOD/UXO personnel to remain at a safe distance from the hazards and streamline many work activities.

Experienced Leadership

RFI executives bring a combination of many years’ broad experience in the design, production, operation, and maintenance of robotic platforms and robotic/remote-control heavy equipment as well as the knowledge and expertise of master explosive ordnance disposal.

Proprietary Robotics

RFI has developed its own robust remote control system and applied it to several pieces of heavy equipment.  All of RFI’s systems run off of an operator control station, typically a laptop computer, running a Graphical User Interface (GUI) modified for each piece of equipment while maintaining a common control scheme across all platforms.  On the machine side, control is provided through a ruggedized computer interface to control all machine functions remotely.  Hydraulic control is accomplished through a parallel hydraulic design to allow the equipment to be controlled in either manual or remote mode through the flip of a switch.


RFI continues to develop robotic technologies and systems that respond to ever-changing situations and client needs.

Available Equipment and Broad-Range Staffing

RFI’s robotic and remote-control systems are simple (reliable) and sustainable (repairable). RFI owns the equipment mobilized to your site and has fully trained operators--assuring immediate and consistently smooth operation of RFI’s robotic systems. EOD/UXO staffing is provided directly from RFI’s MMRP division to assure the knowledge needed to handle explosives and other hazardous materials safely.